If you are going to be at New York Comic Con come visit me at artist alley booth y-5! ...

9 months ago

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Piya WannachaiwongWoohoo! See you Saturday!1   ·  9 months ago

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This is a new painting that I just finished up. My version of a older Harry Potter reunited with Fawkes! I did it at the Illustrators Master class with lots of awesome teachers! Thanks to all my fellow students and teachers that helped me with this piece. ...

10 months ago

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Del Rhea WatsonSo much love for this picture. Happy tears. So sad there isn't an "adore" emoji.1   ·  10 months ago

Jake WaidLove the lighting. Great job Kayla. What program did you use? Also I'm curious to what tablet you use. Thanks in advance.1   ·  10 months ago

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Kayla Woodside updated their profile picture. ...

11 months ago

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Chase LeMasterDid you make it to London??!?11 months ago

Jess PresI LOVE your sweater!!!!1   ·  11 months ago

Kayla WoodsideYes!! It has been a blast! One more day at Celebration!1   ·  11 months ago

Chase LeMasterI'm so very jealous! I hope business is booming!!!1   ·  11 months ago

Chad DennisDat shirt doe, Makin it look good.1   ·  11 months ago

Janice Tullis JohnsonYou look great1   ·  11 months ago

Karen Stone ZiskieHope your having fun1   ·  11 months ago

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Kayla Woodside updated their cover photo. ...

1 year ago

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John SmithUmmm... Is this dresden files?1 year ago

Bri KupferMolly!!!!11 months ago

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Hey guys I am very excited to release my painting that I did for Star Wars Celebration Europe!! "Done Waiting" this painting has been made into a Lithographic print and will be limited to 250. The prints will go on pre-sale on the 20th! Check out everyone's awesome artwork!

1 year ago

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Sharon Tullis ManleyIt's great1   ·  1 year ago

Kristy ZiemanAmazing job Kayla!1   ·  1 year ago

Jake WaidNice job, I like the panel on the left a lot.1   ·  1 year ago

Terry L Adamsamazing1   ·  1 year ago

Sandy Stone LoveWOW Kayla. It's out of this world. Lol Get it???!!! 😃 I really do think I'm funny. Lol. I love waiting to see what you two are working on. Always a great surprise. Keep up the good work. 😃1   ·  1 year ago

Susie Tullis SissonIncredible talent!1   ·  1 year ago

Charles Nathaniel EdmondsAwesome sauce!1   ·  1 year ago

Karen Stone ZiskieWow!! You guys are incredible. Such beautiful work and what talent1   ·  1 year ago

Dana ZwakLove it1   ·  1 year ago

Jay ShepardVery excited! Will be posting this as part of our Celebration Guide on Rebelscum.com1 year ago

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My Second painting that I did in Todd Lockwood's class in SmArt school! Roland of Gilead ...

1 year ago

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Del Rhea WatsonLooooooove.1   ·  1 year ago

Cody FaulkWOAH!1   ·  1 year ago

Janice Tullis JohnsonI'm amazed at the depth of your painting and the details make your painting great! Kayla Woodside.1   ·  1 year ago

Jennifer L SturmDuuuude! That's awesome!1   ·  1 year ago

Ryan SchomburgSuper woah!1   ·  1 year ago

Adam Wesley Sturm"See the TURTLE of enormous girth! On his shell he holds the earth. His thought is slow but always kind; he holds us all within his mind. On his back all vows are made; he sees the truth but mayn't aid. He loves the land and loves the sea, And even loves a child like me."1   ·  1 year ago

Cody FaulkHave you considered being an artist and making games on the side?1 year ago

Roland PtakLike the name!1   ·  1 year ago

Dana ZwakWow love it good job1   ·  1 year ago

Dana ZwakDave says wow also1   ·  1 year ago

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My newest painting I did in SmArt school with Todd Lockwood!

1 year ago

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James MayhewIs that Molly and Mouse?1   ·  1 year ago

Kayla WoodsideJames Yes that is what I was going for 🙂1 year ago

James MayhewCool. Although Mouse looks more wolf-like than my mental picture but Molly looks great!1 year ago

Charles Nathaniel EdmondsNice! I just got a piece that Brent made while I was at the Georgia Renaissance Festival on Sunday, it was a print of the Tardis with the doors open.1   ·  1 year ago

Sandy Stone LoveI want her hair. I love it!!!1   ·  1 year ago

Brandon SuttonThis is amazing!1   ·  1 year ago

Rusty KahrsShe kinda looks like you lol1   ·  1 year ago

Chelsea Barnett HaldaneSo OMG! We totally have a lot of his art in the house. He dubbed him "our" artist many years ago. So cool to learn that about you!1   ·  1 year ago

Charles Nathaniel EdmondsI got to meet Todd at Dragon Con last year, he's a super nice guy. I love the art he did for the Drizzt Do' Urden books1   ·  1 year ago

Kristy ZiemanThis is fantastic!!!1   ·  1 year ago

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If you are in the Dallas area come visit me in the Dallas Fan Days artist alley! ...

1 year ago

a new painting I did for the game I am helping to create called Heroes and Horrors The Shrouded City. If you want to see my process painting this piece check it out on our blog

we are also on facebook if you want to receive updates!

1 year ago