Welcome to Woodside Illustrations, We are a husband and wife team of artists! We are into all things nerdy, we have both worked on illustrations for Lucas Arts, Disney, Acme archives and more! You can find a wide range of paintings on our website from robots to dragons to Darth Vader! Check out some of our new work Below!  Also check out our shop to see more work and buy some new art for your wall!

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New Exclusive Celebration artwork

“I Know” by Kayla Woodside
Contrition by Brent Woodside
Last Princess by Kayla Woodside
A Show of force by Brent Woodside
Su Cuy Gar by Brent Woodside
Hidden Depths By Kayla Woodside
Shattered by Kayla Woodside
Bram Stoker by Brent Woodside
Beginning a Painting